Wedding wrap-up

I have been meaning to get back on the horse and write my final notes on my own experience over the coming weeks. I will be going deeper and present different perspectives of my amazing wedding experience.

Here is what you can expect in the coming weeks:
       Week of wedding
o   Description of what happens
o   What to expect
-          How not to be stressed at your wedding?
o   How to deal with last minute issues
-          How to break the ice and bring to families together?
o   Is it all about the guests
o   Activities around the wedding
o   Tips
-          My Wedding day – traditional or not
o   I will explore how I felt
o   Pictures!
-          Trash the Dress photo-shoot
o   How wild, sexy and exciting is it?
o   Does your dress really get trashed?
o   Is it worth the investment?
-          What is it like to have a destination wedding?
o   Pros, cons and tips
-          How to decompress after your wedding
-          Grooms point of view
o   I will interview my groom and ask him to write a blog about his experience
o   Tips for the groom
-          Suppliers
o   I will share tips and overall experience
o   Having a wedding planner, is it worth the investment?
o   How to make your wedding personalized  in a word with Pinterest
o   Best investments, biggest waists of money
o   What went wrong, what would I do different
   And finally, to wrap it up, I will tell you if I would do it again.

I will be posting about a blog each week.  Please follow me and share this experience of recording a wedding planner’s own destination wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Stay Tuned!