The look for your destination wedding. When to start.

Looking your best for your wedding requires prepping a head of time, because miracles don’t happen over night!

 Here are some things you should consider ahead of time:

·         Hair – Try to visualize the style you want.  I am going for a distressed beachy look so I knew I needed few Changes.

o   Color- My natural color is deep brown with natural curls. I decided to start a balayage process on my hair. I suggest to stay away from the ombre look as it’s too trendy and your photos will last forever. You don’t want to look back and say, what was I thinking?

To get my hair to the color and texture I wanted without damaging it too much, I needed at least 3 treatments, in other words 9 months

o   Length – I have always had long hair and my wedding will not be the exception. I want mermaid length.

Although tricks like hair extensions could work to give me the length needed, I want to grow my own hair. I am 80% where I want to be.

Cutting your hair actually helps when you want to grow it. So far I have grown around 5 inches. I still need 2 more. Overall I will need 9 full months to grow the 7-9 inches I want.

o   Treatments – Dry hair is a no-no for a bride. I invested in good shampoo and conditioner. Pamper your hair with treatments that will make it shine on your big day.

Also remember to protect your hair in your wedding week as sun/sand/ocean/pool will damage you hair and could change the color/texture.

I suggest you start nurturing your hair 6 months before

o   Extensions - Although my hair will have the length I want, it loses the volume when it’s too long. I will need to create some volume for the big day.

I suggest you invest in good click-on hair extensions. They don’t damage your hair and they come handy when you need to impress.

Buy your hair extension before your last hair appointment. Have your stylist color them with your hair and cut them too!

·         Teeth

o   Whitening – This is super important. You will be so happy that you won’t be able to hold your smile.

You need at least 2 sessions of 30 minutes to get to a pearl white color. Do it in different sessions as your teeth will be sensible after.

It’s not necessary to start too long ahead. Have your first session 1 month before your wedding and the second one 1 week before and be ready to smile!

·         Skin

o   Tanning lines – Beware of your tanning lines. Make sure you consider the shape of your wedding dress

Also, please don’t look like Tan Mom on your wedding pictures. A little color is great, it will make you look relaxed young and happy, but a lot of color is not a bad idea. Who wants to look like a card box on their wedding?

o   Flawless face - having young/fresh looking skin is a must for every bride. I am flying to Playa a week before my wedding and will be indulging in all sorts of SPA treatments! Poor me…

·         Body

o   Beach bikini body – Finally the toughest one. It will require your full effort for at least 6 months.

Working out and diet are the ONLY way to do this right. Start a healthier life style!

For guys is so much easier, I still had to work on changing Mike’s look for the wedding and also started months ahead of time.

·         Body – Small changes in a guy’s routine will give them what they want. They need no diet, Mike is riding his bike to work and that should be enough to shed all the extra pounds ways. Don’t you hate them?

·         Teeth – He will do the same process I will.

·         Hair - For as long as Mike can remember he has had the same boring hair cut. Your typical $30.00 “soldier cut”. Of course being the planner I am I had to sweet talk him in to letting his hair grow to a stylelish NYC stockbroker look.

He looks so much better and I get to marry even a more handsome guy that what I agreed too! Yes!

Please plan all changes and DON’T do anything abrupt right before the wedding. Here are my DON’Ts:

·         Don’t change your color last minute.

·         Don’t cut your hair drastically. It’s never a good idea

·         Don’t try to lose all the weight last minute. There is no magic wand and eating disorders are the worst. You will lose the weight but you will also look sick/unhealthy.

·         Don’t be too trendy.

Remember that you want to look like the best version of yourselves that day. Not like complete different persons!

I got engaged last year on 08-03-12 on my birthday, exactly a year later 08-03-13, what do you think? I am heading in the right direction with my look?