Signing up to online bridal contests. Does it pay off?

Since Mike and I got engaged, I signed up to few online contests. Every supplier in the industry wants to attract couples to their business. There is always a price being offered, free trips, free wedding photographer, etc. So I thought I should try some, at the end you are only a bride once, right?

One of the contests Mike signed us up for was the registry at Macys. Macys hosted and Friday night registry marathon. They reached out to all couples out there via the biggest online sites. Macys was going to give away a few $1000.00 dollar prizes to couples that registered that night. Mike and I thought it would hurt, especially because they have awesome kitchen appliances and all sorts of good stuff!

It so happened that the biggest thunderstorm of all summer in Chicago happen that night. All Macys here were expecting way more couples to attend but due to weather they had a small percentage actually coming.

Here is how it worked. Both the bride and groom had a chance to enter their information for a shot at winning the prize. The draft was computerized and the price was randomly chosen. We didn’t win that night.

Few days later I get an email from telling me that because of the small number of people attending the main night, another random draft happened considering the couples that actually participated in the registry. I won one of the $1000.00 dollars prizes! I stared at that email for a few seconds pondering the possibility of a scam. Mike was sure it was not a real prize but suggested I called Macys to verify.

The very nice Lady at Macys asked me to forward my email and said that she would happily find out for me. After almost 1 week I got her answer. The chief weddings at Macys Nationwide confirmed that that prize was legit and that I was free to claim my prize!

1 month latter I got a tracking number and I am waiting for my certificate to get here tomorrow!

This comes as such a blessing. Planning a destination wedding in Mexico, if you choose high season, means that Chicago will be under a ton of snow while you enjoy the perfect weather in Mexico, however, shopping for clothes to look awesome could be challenging. You have to do it while its summer here! And I am planning to take advantage of all offers, everything summer is 60% off right now at Macys!

Mike and I will be rocking amazing outwear on our wedding week! Thank you Macys!

So my advice to you is sing up… with a little luck you can win the grand prize!