How to choose the right hotel for your destination wedding?

As every other couple Mike and I faced all the same questions while choosing our hotel. Mike and I wanted our guests to explore Playa del Carmen and we wanted them to enjoy Mexico. As a couple we love to travel and to feel the culture of the places we visit. We felt that an All Inclusive (AI) keeps you locked in a wonderful parallel universe where you can’t anywhere if you want to take advantage of the goodies included.  Mexico is so much more than that, so we decided to embrace my culture and minimize our search to European Plan Hotels (EP).

Not everybody has to agree with us. Luckily, Mexico is so wonderful and offers plenty of options for every budget, style and size of hotels in all their destinations.

With that said our list of musts included:

·         Beach Front

·         Beautiful rooms / Great amenities

·         Budget friendly. We needed a hotel that could accommodate all budgets

·         Great Service

·         In town (Playa del Carmen) Location location location

I like to tell my clients that there is always a feeling when you see your venue and your hotel. You can picture yourself enjoying with all your loved ones by your side. Sometimes, you have your mind set to something that you saw online and that looked wonderful but when you are on your site inspection, things change and become clear.

Mike and I had two final contenders and after lots of negotiations and tons of stress we made our choice.

We chose the hotel that treated us as we every bride and groom deserves. They made us feel unique and special… that goes places. Let’s call this hotel: hotel A

I felt with the other hotel  (let’s call it Hotel B)we were begging for them to take out business, but they were too confident that they were going to sell the date regardless that killed our joy and excitement. The lack of response and flexibility ultimately made our decision easy.

When discussing this with Mike I made an analogy that made me pull the trigger. I told Mike that with hotel B I felt I was in that typical high school relationship where the guy thinks he is too good for you. He goes and parties without you, he flirts with other girls; just treats you poorly but you keep on taking him back because he is handsome LOL… Hotel B made me feel like that.

On the other hand, hotel A was charming, a smart choice, understood that we are only getting married once, and basically tried their best to accommodate all our needs and requirements

If in real life I chose the most wonderful man in the world, who  saw me for who I was and treasures me deeply, why would I choose wrongly when it came to my hotel?!

Let me tell you, WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!! We have had guests booking and had wonderful things to say, the services was as great as what we have experienced! Over all, best choice ever made.

So here is my piece of advice: if the place you visit on your site inspection: Is dirty, their food doesn’t taste great, the service is bad, the onsite wedding planner takes forever to answer, and it’s just not ideal, be smart and choose to fall in love with the right hotel!

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