Catholic + non Catholic Marriage – Can you have a Mix Marriage in a Destination Wedding in Mexico?

I just went through all this with my fiancé Mike. Before we were ready to move on and book our Church we did tons of online research but honestly, everything in the internet CAN’T and should not be trusted. It only got us more confused!

Some websites say that only catholic + catholic can get married in the church, others say that only Catholic + Christian can do it and some others don’t even consider a destination wedding as a factor!

So Mike and I went straight to the source. We sat down with our priest in Mexico and asked all our questions. Here is what we found out

1.       At least 1 person in the couple has to have 3 sacraments completed: a) Baptism b) Eucharist c) Confirmation.

2.       If the other person has never been baptized, you can file for a Mix Marriage. The church requests you to promise to raise your children in the Catholic faith for them to marry you

3.       In the Mass the non Catholic person won’t take communion but the rest of the weddings is normal

4.       If the non Catholic person wants to get baptized and confirmed before the wedding they should consider at least 1 year in advance. As an adult the process of being baptized is very different compared with an infant’s process.

Babies or small children are brought by their parents in front of God to get baptized. Later on their faith is requested to be confirmed in the First Communion and Confirmation.

As an Adult you have to take a program called RCIA that lasts around 6-7 months. In this program they teach you everything about the faith, church, Jesus, the Bible, etc. You get baptized, confirmed and receive your first communion the same day. This day is ALWAYS a day before Easter.

Mike and I are getting married in January so we couldn’t meet the time required for him to take the RCIA. On top of that I wasn’t confirmed! And if you add the fact that we are having a destination wedding made it more complicated. But guess what, we are on our way  and with everything in order.

This is what we did:

1.       We reached out to our  local parish here in Chicago I think a day or two before Easter LOL! And our Priest offered a solution for us. It seems that Cathedrals have more programs for confirmation than normal churches and cater to business men and women! So I signed up for Adult confirmation class at Holy Name Cathedral in downtown.

2.       I had to go 6 Mondays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM to refresh my faith. Surprisingly it was very cool! Met great people and enjoyed studding the bible! I believe as an adult you are more mature to understand the word of Jesus. (Everybody should do it!)

3.       I asked my friend Stephanie to be my sponsor for my confirmation

4.       I chose my Grandma’s name as my confirmation name. I wanted to honor her in my confirmation

5.       And on May 22nd 2013 I got confirmed by the Cardinal himself!  Pretty cool!

 So right now Mike and I are in line to take our Pre-Cana and to start our paperwork!

Our church in Mexico is booked and our priest there is informed of every step we take!

This is my experience and I hope it helps you. But I strongly suggest that you stop doing online research when it comes to this and reach out to your local Church for Advice. They are the experts!

Remember you only need 1 Church in your home town and 1 Church in your Destination willing to make it happen for you.
There is nothing like getting married with the ocean as your back drop!

Please send me you questions and/or comments! I will be happy to help if I can! /