Why do suppliers in Mexico take so long to Answer? – Challenges of having a Destination Wedding.

Although I have been creating wonderful events for over 7 years in Mexico it never ceases to amaze me the how long it takes some times to get an answer from hotels and venues.

Mike and I made our minds out regarding the Hotel, Church and Venue over a month ago but are still waiting for the contracts. In the meantime our save the dates are on hold.

I understand the operation and the reason behind this delay and I want to share it with you so it helps you find the silver lining in this process.

High season in Mexico is from December – May every year. Through this season all suppliers are fully booked and  are handling several events per month, some times  even per week! It’s hard to keep up with potential clients and the events happening.

Suppliers will always prioritize the onsite weddings over a new potential client, so you can rest sure that when it’s your time, their attention will be devoted to you and keeping everything on track.

The only way to minimize this is by having a wedding planner like me. Us wedding planners devote our full days to track down suppliers and pressure them to get things faster, while you are busy working and keeping up with your day. We shorten that bridge between couples and suppliers

So, before embarking yourselves in the adventure that planning a destination wedding is, my advice is to expect slower responses than usual; this might help you with frustration.

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