Disney promised me a Fairly Tale!!

I have seen in Facebook before girls who accused Disney for creating false expectations when it comes to love. We grew up watching knights in shining armors rescuing girls in danger or couples that lived happily ever after only after their first kiss. It was eternal love in each one of their movies.

I personally want to thank Disney for making me believe that my Prince Charming was out there and that I shouldn’t settle for anything less than that. Sure enough I went through life kissing some (lots) of frogs until I found the love of my life.

I can still remember the first time I saw Mike. As you know, Mike and I were set up for a blind date. Only that ours was international. He flew to Guadalajara to be my date for a wedding exactly 3 years ago this past weekend.

I remember standing there at the airport ready to meet the last guy I was going to kiss, about to have my last first date and about to see those eyes that I wake up to every morning. When did I get so lucky?

So yes, I do believe that I am now one of those fairy tales with my very own twist! In 7 months I get to say I do and have my first kiss as a married woman. In the mean time I will enjoy the adventure of being engaged to Mike.

Happy 3 year anniversary of meeting babe