Wedding weight loss journey - Part 1

As you all know, I got myself in an adventure with Mike to get healthier and in shape not only for our Wedding but for our future yet to come.

 I have several tastes that I knew I needed to change in order to reach my goal faster. Here are some examples:

·         My favorite drink in the world is Bacardi and Coke. I switched it to citrus vodka and water with two slices of lemons. Do I like it? Of course not! But I would learn to love it!

·         I started looking at restaurant menus in areas I used to skip. I am, or should I say was, skinny genetically until ugly 30s hit me! I have always been used to ordering whatever I wanted on the menu. It usually started with words like cheesy, pasta, creamy, fried etc.

Now I try to go straight to the salad option and if possible not even read the other options. To put it on perspective I have been happily surprised with the wonderful taste that salads have nowadays. But if I may say most restaurants lack more variety for us struggling to get back in shape.

·         Switching my daily coffee with vanilla creamer to green tea + honey or coffee with cream and sugar free vanilla syrup.

·         No more cheese. This includes my breakfast for 30 years… QUESADILLAS!

·         No bread or tortillas. My modified version of tacos and burgers involves lettuce instead.

·         No butter. I substituted it with a butter flavor powder with no calories.

·         I have been trying to cook without any oil.

Let me tell you its working. I seriously started changing my diet a little over a week ago and I lost 5 pounds already! I haven’t been able to work-out because my knee is a little sore after running up and down in the sand for the last wedding I coordinated a couple of weeks ago.

It excites me the idea of speeding this weight loss results when my knee lets me start working out again! In the meantime I will keep working hard to have a balanced diet.

Keep following me and see my progress! Please send me any tips, recipes and your own experiences! Its always refreshing reading your feed back

Let’s get that Bride body on!