Being a mentor to someone…

I am amazed by the drive and professionalism that the younger generation has.

A few months ago a cute girl in High school asked me if I would be willing to help her with her English assignment. She needed to pick my brain and learned everything that there is to know about weddings.

When did I become someone to admire? Me, a role model? This is awesome but a little scary too!

So Jessi and I worked on her project for a few months, she asked all the right questions and I answered all of them from the perspective of a destination wedding planner.

I could tell immediately that Jessi was a smart kid with great guide from her teacher. She even surprised me with the understanding she had of the real world. And after sharing some of my tips, literature and processes, she took over.

Last Monday I received a beautiful email from Jessi telling me that with my help she was able to get an A in her English class! Not only that but she also planned her pretend wedding in the process! She loved it so much that she is looking to become a wedding planner in the future… like me! How cool is that??? How cool I am???

One thing I have to say to Jessi, it was my pleasure mentoring a bright young mind like yours! Keep up the good work!