What is the deal with the Bridal Expos? Should you go?

Bridal expos are huge nowadays! Hundreds of brides go to every event looking for the perfect supplier and the perfect connection for their wedding. Is it a good way to invest your time?

I have been to several expos both as a Bride and as a supplier and I honestly believe that is 100% worth it. At least once, every bride should enjoy the experience of meeting with dozens of suppliers all at once. Bridal expos usually have tastings, DJs playing, fashion shows, presents and all sort of ideas that you would never think about.

This past Sunday I was part of the suppliers promoted by The Mexican Tourism Secretary and was asked to create a concept for Mexico’s booth! I was blessed with a beautiful outcome! The booth received wonderful reviews both from colleagues and brides!

Teaming up with the creativity of Savoy Flea and the help of Daniela Leaman we got a cool vintage/romantic execution!

I’m my down times I mingled with other expositors and found myself a beautiful dress that I need to try and an option for Mike’s suit, along with other ideas.

As you know my wedding is going to be in Playa del Carmen and I still found this experience to be great! So I encourage you to embrace that that bride you have in you and enjoy a day of freebies and a little bit girl time!

Here are some pics of MEXICO’s Booth and my great team of colleagues!

Ciao, ciao!