The perfect dress for a destination wedding

I have been engaged 6 months and haven’t found my dress yet! Being a bride I was one of the first things I wanted to do! Every time I go, I get to try on the most beautiful gowns but at the end none of them have been THE dress.

 I have been ready to pull the trigger a few times but I just haven’t found the perfect dress yet.

This is my wish list:

1.       Lace

2.       Bohemian chic

3.       A line but; not too much volume

4.       Airy and light

5.       Unique details

6.       Comfortable

7.       Romantic and sexy

I haven’t found it yet! But here are some gowns that have inspired me and keep me believing that I will find the dress.


Tips to consider:

1.       Natural materials are better for a beach wedding. Due to the weather and nerves you might sweat more than normal. Synthetic fabrics don’t help keeping you fresh.

2.       Make sure you order your dress 6 months in advance. Making and tailoring your dress takes at least 4-6 months.

3.       Are you wearing high heels? Remember that you will be walking and dancing in the sand. When you get your dress cut and fitted make sure you wear the shoes that you want to use on the special day. Or if you are thinking of going bare foot like me, remember tell the tailor!

At the moment I decided to take a break from trying dresses and focus on other areas of the planning! I was starting to get frustrated and disappointed. I want to reload my batteries and be ready for my second round!

If you have found your dress, send me your pics! I would love to see it!

Ciao, ciao!