Randy to the Rescue - Looking for the perfect bride!

My girlfriends and I love watching TLC Say yes to the Dress and obviously Randy to the Rescue! It came as a huge surprise when the production of Randy’s show contacted me a couple months ago. They are opening a casting for brides to-be and were asking for my gorgeous clients interested in being in the show.

Being on a TV show such as this is no joke. You have to have a big personality, enjoy being in front of the camera and willing to share your story with the world.

I wanted to find the perfect bride for the show and when my girlfriend Jami got engaged there was no doubt in my mind that she was the right person for me to refer.

Jami is now engaged to John, Mike’s Best Man! We are super close and Jami and I are planning our weddings together. Hers is a Chicago wedding and mine a Destination. Although our weddings are so different we still have a million things in common and trust me, we spend hours talking about them.

Lucky for John and Mike they are best friends and they get to talk about football, college, jokes and random stuff together while us girls look at dresses, venues and fabulous girly stuff!

I want my friend Jami to know that I support her and that I am hoping for her to get an audition for the show. I am sure that her story and beautiful personality will connect with all America!

Good luck Jami!