How to balance out your work and wedding planning?

Now, more than ever I need to stay organized. Being a wedding planner, planning my own destination wedding and keeping the house hold is a 24x7 work for sure!

As anybody else out there I have to prioritize my work over my wedding planning. Never the less having a schedule keeps me on track. The tip I always share with my clients is: DON’T TRY TO PLAN ALL YOUR WEDDING IN ONE DAY! If Jesus took 7 days to create the world, I think is fair to take at least 8 months to plan a destination wedding! ;-D

Every month conquer one objective, choose one supplier, focus in a little bit and before you know you will be 80% done, stress free!

Stretch out every break, lunch and weekend! Thank God for internet we are able to research on the L, the bus, while your fiancé watches sports, etc! Any minute counts to be efficient and give yourself time to dream and imagine what will be the most fabulous day of your life! Tools like Pinterest are fab when it comes to brainstorm!
I follow a very explicit time line that I created 14 months before my wedding!  I would be happy to share it with you! Write me an email! Share your experience with me and I will keep sharing my tips of planning my wedding while creating my clients’ dreams!

Ciao, ciao