Grooms beach wedding attire - Mexico Destination Wedding

I just wrote a blog about ideas for my beach/boho/hippie wedding dress. It’s only fair that I tell you what I want Mike to wear.

Just so you know Mike is the king of linen pants! He has been rocking them way before he met me! You know, back when guys could make fun of you for being so freaken cool! He surely knows how to make beach glam look great!

Mike also, always, rolls his sleeves up… and I mean ALWAYS, it could be -10⁰F and he will have (under his coat) the sleeves rolled up!

All I want for both of us is to look like the better version of ourselves!

With this said, I believe that my love will look fabulous in a super tailored gray linen suit, with a vest and his sleeves the usual way!

Take a look at these images and if you know Mike, you know I am absolutely right and that he would look as handsome as ever!

On the emotional note, Mike has great childhood memories that connect to the way he dresses! I will keep it private but I gotta say… we love you Mr Kent Dotson! I couldn’t have a better Father in law

Let me know your thoughts!