When is the right time to send your save the date for a Destination Wedding in Mexico?

Destination weddings are a little different when it comes to announcing your wedding date. Your guests will travel internationally; they will have to summit vacations and sometimes even get their passports. It’s important to give them plenty of time to organize their lives so they are able to join you in your special day.

Being a wedding planner I’ve noticed in my clients RSVPs that the more notice you give the biggest turn around you get. So if you want to be blessed with all your loved ones by your side here is when to do what:

12 months. Get all your guests mailing addresses?

10 -12 months. Send the save the date.

6 months . Send out the formal invitations.

3 months. Request RSVPs

1 month Close RSVPs and calculate final numbers

Mike and I are about to enter our month no. 10 and will be sending our save the date soon.  We are traveling one more time to Playa del Carmen to finalize hotel accommodations and venue rental (and enjoy some nice weather). So we might wait until month no. 9, but it’s ok, everyone is already expecting the big notice!

My suggestion is to take your time and give them the chance to take theirs!

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Ciao Ciao