How to get your boyfriend to propose?

You can’t! Me and all of my girls that are now engaged/married have gone through this process of trying to get our significant others to commit to the Happily-ever-after.

We all have to go through the stage of being cool (no pressure), sending hints as frequently as possible, crying when drunk or vulnerable, and of course threats/ultimatums!  Ladies, none of them work! LOL

But I’m happy to say that the guy you are trying to make your fairy tale story with (if he is taking all the heat)he is also thinking about proposing and moving forward with a future together. Guys will be guys and will not respond to pressure but are more likely react to the contrary.

Our men are trying to somehow surprise us, make it on their terms; it is the last decision they make without consulting our opinion.

So ladies, be sure you set a deadline for yourself. But if you are happy, a beautiful diamond is only the cherry on the icing but it is not the delicious cake that life is!


Jen Kasten