Choosing the right date for your destination wedding.

All my clients always ask me that question. When is the best time to get married in Mexico? Is there a time that it’s cheaper? How is the weather in Mexico? When is the rainy season?

Winter its considered high season in Mexico and the reason is very simple… its freezing here in the US and Mexico has perfect 80⁰F almost all season long. Starting mid December and all the way to mid April Mexico is ready to welcome the biggest wave of American and Canadians.

You can expect the weather to be so perfect that you will hardly need to have back up plan for your wedding. Rain chaces and humidity are close not nothing. Just be careful with your sun exposure, more than a few times I’ve had over tan brides!

If you want to save a little in travel expenses both for you and your guests November is possibly the best month to do it! Considered still low season prices tend to be 15 – 20% cheaper than high season. Rainy season its over so Mexico looks lush and green! Simply wonderful!

My fiancee Mike and I were fast to choose winter for our fairy tale wedding. But now we are strogleing to set the final date. When every weekend is perfect, its hard to choose between 3 wonderful dates!

Keep following me and you can help me choose the best weekend for my wedding!