Puerto Vallarta, has it all!

Puerto Vallarta, the best sunsets in Mexico!

My fiancé Mike and I just came back from our site inspection to Puerto Vallarta. What a great time! Puerto Vallarta holds a very special place in my heart. Around 7 years ago I started planning events in this wonderful destination; all that I know I learned here.

Few years ago I started my wedding planning business and created for the first time romantic events for my first clients! There I was years later, for a change, seeing all my favorite venues with my Bride’s eyes! And let me tell you, Puerto Vallarta has it all!

The lush mountains and the wonderful sunsets are unbeatable! Ocean front gardens, cobble stone streets and Mexican architecture give Puerto Vallarta the award for the most “Mexican” destination to my taste.

My fiancée and I are looking for a great hotel for our guests and an off-site venue for our wedding! He loved every choice I had to show him, and it was even more special to have my sister and her boyfriend come along with us!

Now the hard part comes, how are we going to decide between Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen! Keep following me to know Mike’s and I decision!

Please enjoy some pictures of our visit! And send me your comments to jenkasten@my1event.com or www.my1event.com