Just came back from our site inspection, what is next?

While planning our last site inspection to Playa del Carmen I tried to see at least 2 options per every type of resort and venue. This way at the end you have 6-8 possible options and it’s easier to narrow to your top 3.

Mike and I knew we wanted a small hotel where all guests could be able to spend time together and not get lost in a humongous resort. Secondly we adore Playa del Carmen’s life style, so being close to town was a priority!

Regardless of our wish list we didn’t leave anything outside. Sometimes you might change your mind once you are feeling the ambiance of a place. In this site inspection we visited a couple All Inclusive hotels, few condominiums that operate as hotels and a couple small cabana/hotels.

We immediately erased the all inclusive resorts. Although they were fabulous and luxury oriented it’s just not our style. Playa del Carmen has the best night life, gourmet restaurants, cool spots everywhere so we want to encourage everybody to explore and fall in love with the town like we did.

It’s important also to find hotels that can cater different budgets. Some of our guests have great double income but we also have a few that aren’t used to traveling outside the country or that will make our wedding their one vacation trip of the year. So we narrowed our options to hotels that can accommodate 3 types of budgets:

A+$300 – $500 per room per night

A $200 - $299 per room per night

B $155 - $199 per room per night

Anything under these prices it’s out of the question for us!

When choosing your resort remember to consider:

-          Your budget.

-          If you are buying rooms for special guests. Parents and grandparents sometimes need help!

-          Your guests’ budget

-          And most importantly the ambiance of your vacation. You want something relaxing? Something gourmet? Something adventurous?

You might be asking yourselves, what about the venue? Well we found 3 fabulous options. Mike and I are having a catholic ceremony so that was priority to find the right place. 2 of our venues have chapels on site!

VENUE A is a very organic/ wonderful piece of land in front of the ocean with its own cenote (undersurface fresh water river) and chapel. The Palm Threes make this place look like a deserted island! And it also has a wonderful cute chapel right where the waves crash!

VENUE B . Long sandy beaches welcome you and the turquoise ocean shines like no other. The chapel is facing the sea and the breeze feels great! This place has great charm but the land has few palm threes making hard to limit a specific space for the reception. A small wedding might get lost in the lovely beach

VENUE C. This venue was designed  inspired in the 70s surfing/funky/fishermen’s town. It has such a hip vibe and they have extended permission for late hours! But this venue has no chapel on site. Luckily for us Playa del Carmen has one of the prettiest chapels that I have seen in my life! So this could be the perfect combo to accommodate our needs!

Mike and I will make our decisions after our Puerto Vallarta site inspection that starts tomorrow morning! Keep following me in my adventure of letting go of the planner in me and embracing my Bride side!