Is it important to have a site inspection in order to plan your Destination Wedding in Mexico?

My answer is yes! Even if you visited the destination before and you can find everything online nowadays, I’ve found that seeing everything with Bride’s eyes is a completely different experience.


I’m almost done planning my site inspection and I find myself day dreaming imagining each location, the feeling and sensing everything with a whole new perspective. Having a site inspection is important to see the destination through the vision that you want to create for your guests!


I am a Mexican Specialist and have been planning site inspections for years and will be scheduling my own appointments. But if you are new to planning and just want to enjoy the ride with your significant other, reach out to a professional and have them plan your site inspection.


I almost always walk my clients through the destination and show them the best time! But I also have clients that are more independent and ask me to arrange everything for them and they drive themselves from one appointment to the other!


If you have questions of how to create your site inspection and be efficient while still enjoying your trip, please contact me! I understand being a bride and also the other side of the coin: who are the best suppliers, how many tastings to have, how to choose where to go. I could help you understand better “what is it that you want for that special day”!


Keep following and reading me!


Ciao, ciao!