How to ask your Bridesmaids?

I just asked my bridesmaids to do me the honor of being by my side on my wedding day! And let me tell you it was great! In Mexico we don’t have the tradition of having a bridal party. But I chose to honor those girls that have been by me for years, have partied and travelled with me and have been witnesses of my adventure of finding Mr. Right, and now I want to make them feel special.

All my bridesmaids are Mexican and have never been asked formally to be a part of someone’s wedding so I wanted it to be memorable. Here is how I did it!

My bridesmaids and I surely enjoy a glass or two of wine so I designed wine labels for this project.

On the front and main label I chose a picture of a great moment with each one of them and with the phrase Be my bridesmaid, please? Or Be my Maid of Honor, please?

On the back label I explained this tradition to them and asked them to wear the same dress and have the most fun in my wedding!

I topped it with a tag that said “Mike and Jen’s VIP guest” and wrapped it in a lovely organza baggie.

They loved it and they all said yes!!!             

I know it’s very American to have your brides maids be your Brides slaves but in my case I just want them to be guests of honor and enjoy the ride! The whole concept of bridezila drives me crazy having had a few of those clients. So I have the mission to be the coolest chilliest bride in the world! I will let you know how I do LOL!

In the mean time, keep following me! Feel free to call me or ask me about the supplier I used for my labels! They were awesome! Enjoy some pictures!