Destination Wedding Engagement Pictures

To all my brides out there, having your engagement pictures taken by a professional photographer might so far had been my favorite part of this process. My fiancé Mike and I decided to skip the typical Chicago pictures and waited for our site inspection trip to Mexico.

We decided to use one of my favorite suppliers in Playa del Carmen and scheduled one hour for our session.

·         I definitely want to advise you to spend money in choosing a professional supplier so you have the results you want!

·         Spoil yourself! Have hair and makeup done!

·         And go shopping! The perfect dress will make all the difference!

Our photographers were able to guide us through the process. Let’s be honest, not everybody is a professional model that knows what to do. Guidance is as important as looking great. That is why I had my hair and makeup professionally done and also… WENT SHOPPING! My dress was so perfect for the shoot! It had movement and made the pictures work better!

Contact me if you need suggestions of photographers in Mexico!