Why choose a Destination Wedding vs. a City Wedding?

Why a Destination Wedding?

Mike and I knew we wanted a destination wedding. Not only because I am a Destination Wedding Planner but it just made sense for us. Here is a list of things that helped us makeup our minds:

+We love to travel

+Our families have never met, so we figured that one week vacation will break all language and cultural barriers, especially if we give them tons of tequila!

+We have a huge guest lists. With a destination wedding only the people that truly care about us will travel to be with us in our special day

+Our budget stretches tremendously! In a destination wedding you might end up spending the same $$ but you will have a Luxury wedding of your dreams vs. settling. For example, a 4 course gourmet dinner might cause the same as a 3 course chicken dinner in Chicago. And since we are the foodie type, it made sense.

+We are planning on having it on February 2014. Everybody wants to escape the snow and freezing temperatures and trade them for sunny and perfect75*F.

+Since I booked the first trash the dress photo session for one of my clients, I have been wanting a photo shoot with my love in the ocean! What can I say there is something super romantic about letting go and just having fun!

So it made sense for us! Vacation with our loved ones + better budget position + the sun and ocean... there was no doubt there! Now the question is which one of the Mexican destinations is better for us?

I make weddings in Cabo, Vallarta, Cancun and Riviera Maya. I’m a certified Mexican Expert, so I know all the destinations very well, but what works for us?

Keep following me. Next week I will compare all the destinations and name our two favorites! I always suggest to my clients to narrow their options so you can focus properly. So I will follow my own advice!

Keep sending me your comments and questions!
Ciao, ciao!!!