Which destination in Mexico makes more sense for us? Cabo? Vallarta? Cancun? Riviera Maya?

Which destination in Mexico makes more sense for us? Cabo? Vallarta? Cancun? Riviera Maya?

Mexico has an ideal destination for every taste. In this blog I’m going to focus only on the TOP 4 beach locations: Cancun, Riviera Maya, Vallarta, Cabo.

In every first conference call with my clients I always ask them some questions to understand what they are looking for. Mike and I did the same to come up with the 2 destinations that we will focus in all out pre planning. Hope they help you!

1.       What type of accommodations would you like for you and your guests?  

a.       All inclusive resort

b.      European plan

c.       Hotel Boutique

d.      Villa or mansion

2.       What ambiance do you want the destination to have:

a.       As close as possible to an American beach destination

b.      I want the Mexican feel

c.       I  don’t need to leave my hotel

d.      Modern, young, chic

e.      Exclusive, unique, gourmet experience

3.       What is the average budget for your guests?

4.       What would be the ideal scenario for your ceremony?

5.       What season (month) works best for you?

6.       What is important for you:

a.       Night life

b.      Gourmet cuisine

c.       Sand, beach

d.      Ocean

e.      Activities

These 6 questions will start you of. Now let’s get to it. As part of my Mexico Specialization I traveled through all the destinations. Each one fits a very specific type of clients:

A)     Gourmet, Chic, Activities, Exclusive, Sunset ceremony. If this describes you Cabo is the way to go. In Cabo you can rent a wonderful villa or two or three and have the most exclusive experience. Have a private chef cooking a 7 course meal for you and the most gorgeous sunset ceremony.

Cabo has a dramatic feel, the combination of dessert and ocean makes the best sunsets in Mexico. It also serves as the one destination where getting married in summer is an option because they really don’t have a rainy season.

Cabo is great for fishing and golfing, but there is no ocean swimming for the most part.

Cabo requires a $$$$ budget both for you and your guests.

B)      Affordable, all inclusive, fun, family friendly, best beaches in Mexico. If you think this is you, Cancun is your option.  In Cancun the hotels are targeted for American families. The hotels offer great packages easy to choose from, affordable and a great option for the budget of both your guests and your own. Cancun has the best layout of activities and the beaches are to die for! The budget required for Cancun $$

C)      Mexican feel, affordable, night life, gourmet cuisine, sunset ceremony. Vallarta is for you if you! Vallarta has the best cuisine in all Mexico after Mexico City, it has a great night life and awesome options to enjoy your life outside the resort! Amazing Villas, Mountains and rainforest! And the best is that it’s affordable! Puerto Vallarta will still give you the feel that you are in Mexico but with all the commodities that Americans expect! Puerto Vallarta is budget friendly $$

D)     Hippie, chic, young, other feel to Mexico, best beaches in Mexico. If you are thinking this is you…. Riviera Maya it is!

Riviera Maya includes everything south of Cancun. Playa del Carmen and Tulum are the biggest touristic cities in the destination.

Playa del Carmen will offer night life, good restaurants, shopping, music and Chic ambiance over all.

Tulum is an archeological destination. The Mexico you can expect around Riviera Maya is ancient Mayan culture! Tulum offers the best option for eco friendly hotel boutique. It’s Amazing for a getaway.

Budget for Riviera Maya $$$


My fiancé and I narrowed our options to C and D.

Vallarta is where I started doing events years ago, my family and friends own second homes here, it’s easy for us and simply gorgeous.

But is Not Playa del Carmen, our stronger contender! Playa is simply the destination that describes Mike and I the best. The beach clubs, small chic hotels, 5th avenue shopping and ambiance and THAT OCEAN!!!

I picture myself walking bare foot to our Catholic chapel on the beach and this can only happen in Playa del Carmen! This city will offer all the entertainment that our guests need! It will be a little more expensive on our pockets but you only get married once right?

So, the following blogs will focus in both Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta as we reach our conclusion! Keep following me! Ask me more questions, even if it’s about the other destinations! I’m here to help and learn from all the brides out there!

Hasta pronto!
PS I’m attaching a couple pictures of Mike’s and I gourmet experience in Cabo. Private Villa, 7 course meal and wine pairing! Love my job!