What is right for you doesn’t have to be for everyone else!

One of my clients’ biggest concerns are always the traditions, how to honor them but still keep it personalized.  In this wonderful country we are the biggest cultural melting pot and there are no rights or wrongs!

My fiancée and I for example are a crazy mix. He is 3/4 German ¼ Polish + Welsh. Me on the other hand like to consider myself a 100% Mexican (although Mike always points out my German blood and I consider him 100% American!).

I was raised in a catholic family with very Mexican traditions. Mike had a more open/free spiritual life and was exposed to completely different traditions than mine. What do we do now that we are starting our own “melting pot family”?

There is no right answer. Conveniently enough we will adapt the strengths of both our cultures and make our very own tradition.

For example in Mexico we don’t have a wedding party tradition but I love that about this culture! I want to have all my favorite girls in this world by my side and YES all dressed like twins in the same color! Love that!

Mike will embrace my religion and we will get married by the Catholic Church to honor my parent’s wishes!

Another example is that in Mexico the invitation process is way more personalized. You hand deliver the invitations to your guests. You may choose to host a party or go individually to your friends’ houses and sit down for a cup of coffee and talk about the wedding plans, etc! Mike loved this tradition so we will incorporate both by sending save the dates on mail and hand delivering (when possible) the invitations to our guests!

Examples can go on and on… one of my clients felt she had a “good side profile” so that dictated the side of she took walking down the aisle and her place throughout the ceremony! Another one of my clients chose a Mayan ceremony while I’ve had clients that ask their best friends to guide the ceremony. Is there a right way? I don’t think so…

So dream on, talk to your significant other and do your thing! Everyone will enjoy your wedding so much more if it reflects more your personalities!

Send me ideas of how you incorporate both yours and your fiancées traditions to your wedding planning!

Happy planning!