Tips to plan your site inspection for your Destination Wedding!

I am a pro planning site inspections. I have been doing it for years. Early in my career I planned incentive trips for big American corporations. That taught me all that there is to know in how to be efficient when it come to planning a site inspection.

Now Mike and I are planning our very own trip to both our favorite destinations:  Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta.

Few tips for you:

·         You will need at least 3 full days in the destination. I suggest this because you have to enjoy the area, get to try wonderful things and latter share that with your guests! Describing the location, the restaurants, bars beaches creates the full picture! Trust me! You will fall in love with the location and your guest will too!

·         Stay in one of the hotels you are considering for your visit. There is nothing better that trying the service of a hotel first hand! Besides you get complementary goodies if they know you are planning you wedding and they are runners up!

·         Rent a car. As opposed to normal relaxing vacation for a site inspection I think is very useful.

o   Have a GPS ready to guide you around!

·         Create a professional agenda and stick to it!

·         Book no more than half days and enjoy the rest! Like I said one of your bigger jobs is to enjoy yourselves and dream about that special day!

Mike and I will have a long trip, 6 days in playa and 5 in Vallarta! I’m so excited!  I like to plan my agenda with a map by my side. It only makes sense to be aware of your location to you can commit to a schedule!

 One of the things I love about Playa del Carmen is the lovely chapels by the ocean! You hear and feel the ocean, sand, waves! It’s fabulous! Some of these lovely chapels are in private venues that I want to show Mike!

Mike is not catholic and we always ambitioned a wedding in front of the ocean, Playa del Carmen offers the perfect compromise between our dreams and my parents wishes!

·         Each day focus in an area. North, south and downtown area! It’s the way to go!

·         Do not plan any appointments before 10:00 am. You never know how late you are going to bed the night before and especially you don’t know how much you will drink!  So wake up and have a nice little Mexican breakfast! Chilaquiles it’s always my favorite!

·         Schedule food tastings in the favorite places. Make sure you ask if they are complementary. Some suppliers will charge for the meal but will wave the charge if you hire their services.

·         Charge your camera every night! Trust me you will go crazy taking pictures! Mexico is so beautiful every corner is a Kodak Moment!

·         Learn the exchange rate and please have pesos. I know Americans like to pay with dollars everywhere but its way more expensive than going to the ATM and having pesos. Even if they take the dollars you will get a bad rate.

Over all my suggestion is to get out there, enjoy the destinations, get out of your comfort area, try new food and enjoy your significant other! I know I will!

These tips will help you get started, but write to me with your questions, ideas or suggestion! I love hearing from you!

Ciao ciao!