Being a wedding/event planner for so long I have had the pleasure of creating my dreamed wedding more than once! I put my heart and soul in each and every wedding that I am a part of.

For a while I wondered if it would ever be my time, my moment, MY EVENT….

Fortunately YES, my time is here. I met the most wonderful man and guess what? He is absolutely in love with me!

But let’s go back to the beginning: where do I come from? How did I become a wedding planner? How did I meet the love of my life? How did I get to this point where I’m planning my own wedding?!

I am Mexican, born and raised. I am bilingual I learned English almost at the same time as Spanish.  Life took me step by step to this wonderful job. Early in my carrier I was part of the sales force planning tons of events for a big American company. One day the opportunity of becoming an Event Planner came, I was offered to move to Puerto Vallarta and start planning Incentive trips for the biggest companies in the world. I learn everything I know from them and when the time was right, I left and started “The Event Mexico” With the help of a great friend and the best business partner anyone can wish for.

About 4 years ago a friend of mine met her very own prince charming, but since that day she also laid eyes on who would later be the man of my dreams. She told me all about this new guy, that I was going to fall in love with him,  she said she couldn’t wait for us to meet! And so we did… in an INTERNATIONAL BLIND DATE!

Mike (my fiancée) flew to Mexico to be my date in a wedding! What a cool guy right? My friend and her fiancée back then (also Mike’s friend) had already set us up to walk down the aisle for the first time on their wedding! Long story short, the magic worked.

I moved to Chicago, transitioned my business here, created My Event by Jen Kasten, and started living the life of my dreams!

Mike proposed on my birthday this year and now we are planning our very own Destination Wedding.

I was always afraid that my “planner brain”  will take over and that I wouldn’t get to enjoy the experience of being a bride myself, but guess what? “Bride Brain” took over!!!!! It’s amazing to get excited and see everything through nervous/unsure/excited eyes! Makes me feel like every other bride out there!

 I’m hoping that this diary will help other brides while planning their own Destination Wedding.

So please follow me in my adventure of being a Destination Wedding Planner planning my own Destination Wedding! Ask me questions, contact me for giddiness and share your special journey with me!